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    The Three Most Comon Problems With Your Comfort System
    1. Improper Sizing
    Not every air conditioner or furnace can cool or heat every home. The bigger the home, the bigger the equipment you’ll need. However, many times homes have air conditioners or furnaces that aren’t big enough for their home. As a result, their equipment is working overtime, which results in higher utility bills for you! It may even be the reason why your furnace or air conditioner seems so loud. Even worse, having an improperly sized air conditioner and/or furnace means it could breakdown much sooner than you expected when you first bought it.

    A Comfort Qualified™ technician or comfort advisor will measure your home and carefully calculate the exact type of furnace and/or air conditioner you need. You won’t be faced with a home comfort system that wastes energy and your money! You’ll receive exactly what your home needs and you want… peace of mind.

    2. Improper Installation
    The technician who installed your furnace and/or air conditioner may have seemed like he knew what he was doing, but how can you be certain? Some contractors hire anyone off the street when business is booming. They don’t quite know how technically competent their new technicians are. As a result, your furnace and/or air conditioner may not be properly installed. The ductwork may not be properly connected and sealed, or the airflow is restricted. That results in higher utility bills and a home comfort system not operating properly.

    Comfort Qualified™ technicians undergo stringent hiring practices and are all highly trained. When you deal with a Comfort Qualified™ Company, your furnace and/or air conditioner will be properly installed to meet your exact comfort needs. You won’t have to overwork your furnace and/or air conditioner and rack up unsightly utility bills.

    3. Leaky Ductwork
    Everyone thinks about their furnace or air conditioner when they think about their home’s comfort system. But the conditioned air they create still needs to be delivered to the rooms in your home. That’s the job of your ductwork. When it’s not installed properly and contains a number of leaks, you’re losing that warm or cool air before it ever reaches inside your home… even though you’re still paying for it to be produced! It’s also the reason for the hot or cold spots in your house, and it can create moisture behind your walls, which leads to mildew and odors. Leaky ductwork can lead to a number of problems for your home, not just its comfort.

    Comfort Qualified™ Companies play close attention to detail. So, your furnace and/or air conditioner aren’t the only things carefully installed; your ductwork receives a great deal of attention too. In fact, with a Comfort Qualified™ installation, there are different types of ductwork you can choose for your home. You’ll receive the best ductwork system for you home that’s carefully put together and sealed.