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    Home Comfort & Safety Inspection

    To contact Comfort Qualified™, click here.

    Home Comfort & Safety Inspection
    Comfort Qualified™ Companies provide an extremely valuable service to every homeowner they visit by giving them a Comfort Qualified™ Comfort & Safety Inspection. Both furnaces and air conditioners can develop wear and tear, even after only a year of use. Sometimes that usage can create comfort or safety concerns for homeowners. Ductwork may be disconnected, a blower motor may fail, or worse you may have a carbon monoxide leak, which could put your family at risk for poisoning! Following the Comfort Qualified™ Comfort & Safety Inspection, you’ll finally have peace of mind knowing that your home comfort system is operating safely and you’re free from any unexpected dangers.

    To accompany your Comfort Qualified™ Comfort & Safety Inspection, you can also receive a Comfort Qualified™ Tune Up. Tune Ups ensure your home comfort system is operating effectively and efficiently. A highly trained Comfort Qualified™ technician will do a complete diagnostic of your system. They’ll analyze every vital component, clean and restore it, and prepare your system for the harsh upcoming winter or summer weather.