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    Make Your Home More Energy Efficient!
    A large portion of your home’s electricity use can be credited to your home comfort system. There are a number of ways to reduce your energy usage, and your energy costs! Those bills seem to get higher and higher every year!

    You can combat your heavy energy usage by doing three different things:

    1. Install a Talking Thermostat
      Talking Thermostats are great for homes with people on the go, which seems to be everyone today. Your Talking Thermostats will actually tell you how to program it, and once you have it set, it will lower and raise the temperature in your home whenever you like. You can set a lower temperature during the day in the wintertime when no one is home. You can then set a higher temperature just before everyone returns from work and school; that way everyone can walk into a warm inviting house. No one has to turn up the thermostat and wait to be comfortable. Even better, the thermostat will tell you when you need to change your filters, so not to put additional strain on your heating and cooling system, and it can give you the name of a contractor in your area if you need assistance. Talking Thermostats do all the work for you, and that can lead to big energy savings and dollar savings!

    2. Have Your Home Zoned
      Zoning divides your home into separate quadrants and cools or warms only the parts of your home that need it. For example, you dining room may have a nice picture window. But the window makes the room too warm in the summer. A zoning system will send more cool air to the dining room to make up for the extra heat. It’s more efficient and cost effective than your air conditioner kicking on and cooling your entire house simply because one room isn’t comfortable. That means your home is spending less energy, and you’re spending less money.

    3. Regularly Maintain Your HVAC System

    Has Your Home Had It’s Regular Check Up?

    Comfort Qualified™ Companies can provide you with additional information on all three of these energy and cost saving measures. And they can share additional options with you as well. Call a Comfort Qualified™ Company and you can mark an end to needlessly high utility bills.